Table Games - Coyote Valley Casinos

Open every day! Monday through Friday at 10am. Saturday and Sunday at 9am.


Multi-Deck Blackjack

Traditional 6 deck blackjack with player friendly options.

  • Double on any two cards
  • Split up to 3 times (including aces)
  • Double down after the split (excluding Aces)

Single Deck Blackjack

  • Double on 10 -11 only
  • Split pairs up to three times
  • No double after the split

Lucky Lucky

Lucky Lucky is the most fun and enjoyable side bet game in the country, with the opportunity to win on any combination of 19, 20 or 21 using your (the players) two cards and the dealers up card. Plus, you can win on your Blackjack wager as well. Lucky Lucky gives you the chance to win twice and help you accomplish your dreams.

Ultimate Texas Hold'em • NOW OPEN

All the Texas Hold’em action on a live table game, head to head with the dealer. There’s no need to bluff the dealer, you, the player can check the hand all the way down to the river before betting. Although the earlier you bet the more you can bet and possibly win!

  • $3 minimum
  • Trips bonus pays even of the hand is folded

Fortune Pai Gow • NOW OPEN

The widely popular 7 card poker game is back!

  • Fortune bonus with 2,500 to 1 payout
  • Envy bonus – receive a payout for another players’ bonus ($5 minimum)
  • Bonus is paid regardless of the outcome of initial wager.

Single 21 • NOW OPEN

  • Single deck blackjack with liberal rules governed to favor the player.
  • Surrender option
  • Split after double as long as the cards match and are touching
  • Double on any amount of cards
  • Any six cards under 22 is an automatic winner.