Come on down and visit our New Coyote Valley Casino and our new games. Feel free to ask any of our Table Games Team Members how to play at our Tables!



The object of the game is to get as close to 21 without going over. A blackjack consists of a “face” card and an Ace on the first 2 cards. Player can hit, double down on his/her first 2 cards or split pairs up to 3 times (to make 4 hands)


Single Deck Blackjack

It is regular Blackjack except for some minor differences. As the name states it is played with a single deck. Players can only double down on 10 – 11. No double down after a pair is split. Still split pairs up to 3 times.

Coyote Valley 3 Card Poker

3 Card poker is a fun and easy game to learn! Not only you can play against the dealer but you can also win depending on your cards by playing the Pair Plus wager. The Pair Plus wager is paid according to a payout table regardless of the dealers’ hand.   


Jackpot Hold’em • NEW

All New Jackpot Hold’em action on a live table game, head to head with the dealer. There’s no need to bluff the dealer, you, the player can check the hand all the way down to the river before betting. What’s even better is you get to see the first card without having to bet. We also offer a Progressive Jackpot with a Must Win jackpot that randomly chooses a player at the table that is betting the progressive wager. ​​


Fortune Pai Gow

Fortune Pai Gow is a 7 card poker game. Each player gets 7 cards and have to set a “low” hand with 2 cards and a “high” with 5 cards. The objective of the game is to have a better “low” hand and “high” hand than the dealer. It also features a Fortune Bonus and Envy bet that is paid according to a pay table.